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The question I'm asked the most is "How do i order?"

Just like any online shop, you find the product you're looking for, add it to your basket and pay for it at the checkout.

Below are just a few things to remember and a few of my frequently asked questions.

I NO longer take on any bespoke orders.

As lovely as it is to make bespoke cakes, they take a lot of time. Not only some intricate details but mostly checking emails, contacting customers to check if there has been any changes, making sure all the colour schemes are correct and names and ages. Usually Id find myself having to contact customers while decorating as I didn't have all of the information I'd need. Id have to scroll though weeks worth of messages or scribbled notes from phone calls and honestly I'd just be confused!

I begun to offer a range of cakes on this website which hopefully suit most tastes. There should be something here for everyone. From the chocoholic mad dad to the superhero loving 6 year old. There is also something to suit every budget. You can order a box of cupcakes from £10 or a birthday cake for £100.

There are also cakes or brownies or cupcakes for lots of different occasions. Big birthdays are amazing, but they don't have to be the only reason you order cake! Your friend has a new job, or he's moved into a new house, theres something for every occasion. Take a look on each product and have a look through the lists of toppers.

Colour schemes and themes can be adapted and theres a choice of 10 flavours! All of this can be selected on the product page!

In a nut shell, if it isn't on the website you can't order it from me.

Items can ONLY be ordered up to one week in advance.

I work very differently to most other cake decorators and a lot has changed since the Pandemic. Pre Corona virus, I, like most other cake makers in the area was taking my bookings at least 6 months in advance. This was great, but it meant that dates booked up very quickly and often I found myself dealing more with date checking and emails than I was actually baking and decorating. This meant that my maximum orders per week were very low.

So why only a week in advance? Well, it just gives me a chance to focus one week at a time. Rather than making a cake but also discussing one in 3 months time, I get to put all of my attention into the here and now.

The massive pros of this service, I can take on more orders! Knowing the range of cakes that I offer, buying the stock that I would need for them in bulk means that I don't have to use the sentence "sorry i'm fully booked" any more! For me, this is huge It was a daily thing before!

Im always asked "what if i leave it to the week before and you can't fit me in?". The beauty of this is, I won't take any bookings until that week so there will always be availability. Unless for any reason I am ill and therefore have to close, but i'm only human and thats rare!

On all of the products there should be a drop down menu for the date you would like to collect, you can order in as little as 24 hours notice too, so if there are some last minute plans that just scream for cake, here I am!

Why cant i email you my order?

Because theres no need to! If you've ever online shopped before, this is as easy as that. There isn't any need to wait 3 days for me to reply to your email anymore. Also, you can order in your own time, at 3am when you're feeding the baby or at 12pm on your lunch break, when ever works for you!

When can i pick my order up?

Weekday collections are -

Tuesday - Friday 12pm - 5pm

I am and will always be closed on a Sunday and a Monday each week.

Saturday collections are between 12pm- 4pm

If you wish to have your order for the morning, just collect the day beforehand.

All cupcakes are baked the day you collect.

prices are in black and white

Prices are as they are on the website. 

Theres no need to wait a week for a quote to find out its way over your budget. 

will you be adding more designs?

YES! My plans are to keep expanding this website, not only the design options but the products too. These take time though but keep checking back and seeing whats new!

can i just come in and buy cakes/treats?

The Rebakery counter is currently only open on a Saturday from 12pm. I may look into expanding this in the future but for now this works, plus my kitchen is only so big!

do you cater to allergies?


Im afraid I currently don't.


This isn't going to work for everyone.

This service will not work all of the time. There will be big events that might just require an over the top cake. There also might be designs that you just don't come across while searching through this website. And thats ok! 

There are some incredible cake makers locally that will be happy to help. We ALL work differently, no two people are the same and therefore no two cakes will ever be the same. Some of us love to make models and figurines and some of us are more comfortable with buttercream over fondant. This is just how I choose to work.

Any other questions you have that cannot be answered here, please either call me on 01634 780620 or pop me an email over to

Thank you all for coming on this new crazy journey with me because at the end of the day, Im just one girl, who loves to bake x

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