600g Valentines Pic'n'Mix filled with all the red and pink sweets!


-Haribo Hearthrobs

-Haribo Strawbs

-Bubblegum pencils

-Haribo Cherries

-Haribo Fizzy Cherries

-Strawberry Tarts

-Foam Shrimps

-Love Hearts

-Sour Strawberries

-Strawberry Milkshakes

-Jazzies Hearts

-Peach Hearts

-Candy Planks

-Foil Chocolate Hearts

-Cherry Lips


Terms and Conditions

  • These items are pre orders only.
  • Valentines collections will be on Saturday 12th Febuary between 12pm - 4pm or Sunday 13th Febuary between 10am - 2pm.
  • We suggest collecting cupcakes on Sunday.
  • These items are not available to collect before Saturday 12th Febuary.
  • DPD postal orders will be delivered on Monday 14th Febuary. Cards and gift notes will be delivered in the boxes.
  • Postal items may be packaged slightly different to ensure they arrive safely.



Valentines Pic'n'Mix

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