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Not too sure what design or style you would like yet for your wedding cake?

Secure your date today using the deposit option. This holds the date for you but allows you the flexibility of time to decide.

When you are ready to book - a £100 discount code will be emailed to you, this will then come off the balance of any cake you should decide to choose.


Wedding cake prices can fluctuate throughout the year. The price at the time of booking your deposit may be lower than when coming to pay your cake in full.


The deposit option is NON-REFUNDABLE and cannot be refunded once booked. If the cancellation is up to 3 months before the date of the wedding, the deposit amount will be transferred to a gift card to use either in store or online at Rebakers Cakes. This can be used to purchase any celebration cakes or treats.

Wedding Cake Deposit

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